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Table Rock Lake SP Lakeshore Trail

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2.2 mile trail that contours the shoreline of Table Rock Lake from Table Rock Dam to the marina. Along the way, you will pass the Showboat Branson Belle and a campground. Trail is paved although a short portion of it is sidewalk. It is good for exercise but not for hardcore cyclists and such. For those, Busiek is only about 15 miles away. There are 3 areas on the trail that share access with motor vehicles so you will have to be wary when crossing these sections.
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Trail Directions
From US 65 North of Branson, MO 76 West to MO 376. MO 376 South 2 miles to MO 265. MO 265 South 5 miles to Table Rock State Park. From US 65 South of Branson, MO. US 65 N to MO 165, MO 165 West 6 miles to Table Rock State Park.
Trail Length
2.2 Miles
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Paved Path
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