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Lawson Lake

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Lawson Lake is about an 8 acre lake primarily used for fishing. However, there is a path that goes around the lake that people can use to walk or cycle. It is not paved but rather mostly gravel cut into the grass. There is a section they put sidewalk in but not completed. The path is about 1 - 1 1/2 miles long so it is a short trail. The gravel on the trail is a good way for novices to kinda get the feel for biking on loose material but folks looking for any challenge will not like this trail at all. The main advantage of this trail is folks who live in Lawson can bike from their home and around the lake and back w/o having to load the bike up in the truck and such.
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Trail Directions
From Kansas City, I-35 N to US 69. US 69 N 17 miles to Lawson, Mo. Take County Road D East about 1 - 2 miles to Raum Road (By the Shell gas station) and head north on Raum Road about 1 mile. Lake is on the right hand side.
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1 Miles
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Fire Roads
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United States
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