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Ft. Leonard Wood Rec. Trails

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All kinds, some old tank trails lots of fire breaks wash outs and creek crossings. Some areas are closed to public certian days for Army training, see Outdoor Rec. Center.
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Trail Directions
Take I-44 exit 161 Ft. Leonard Wood turn left go 3.5 miles onto post. You can recieve a Ft. Leonard Wood map free of charge at the outdoor recreation center tele 596-4223 (call from on post only). The trails are all over post and can be found on the maps. The outdoor rec. center will help out its located on Kansas Ave behind Girlach Sports-Field.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Ft. Leonard Wood

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November 3, 2000

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Reviewed by: Landon Monholland , from Branson Mo.

I will never go back to this place. We encountered the most ignorant, stereotyping, arrogant game warden i've ever met. Im truly embarassed that our government would employ such a man. If your riding a bicycle your probably better off. I rode my motorcycle that day, and just the sight of us angered this man. The map posted at the trail head is not in the least bit acurate. (Don't politley ask area game wardens to exlplain the map, it angers them further when they have to get out of their trucks.) We did our best to be polite and ride on what were supost to be the right trails, I think he just had preconcieved notions about motorcycle riders. The trails were fun though, its a great place to ride, its just no fun when you have an experiance like we did. If you meet up with a young mouthy kid on a yamaha blaster, stay away from him. He stole my gas and then mouthed off to the Game Warden. Remember guys, one idiot causes stereotypes like this game warden had.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)