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located directly across from Yates cider mill there is a picnic area for fishing or bbq. park you car there and then ride south south west on the road twards the traffic light. once you cross you will see a entrance to the trail that you follow until it spilts off to different ones. its mostly single track but also has a few wide main trails and you will find some pretty challenging areas but at i would say 60% is intermediate
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http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?formtype=address&addtohistory=&address=&city=Rochester&state=MI&zipcode=&country=US&location=U%2bN3pEZmad5HT%2by8wm6sJEfaNcugSVc1Z7uRLb6e8B0gWg05H5ZZuPd8%2bHVm61swXPkYxZ5CovZqhRCvJZfsUj0WDNUWUxb9g9lIcCt%2fyac%3d the parking area is right where the map says Dequindre Road then you ride over the bridge and in the little entrance that is right by the intersection
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unknown Miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
United states
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February 8, 2006

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Reviewed by: Team 420 ,  Downhiller

This is just another entrance into Bloomer park.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)