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Waterloo SRA

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Runs through deep woods and around a number of small ponds and marsh areas. The hills here are on par with Poto, and because of the rough trail conditions they may be more imposing. Maute Road divides the course into two halves, with the eastern having hills and rocks, and the western portion having a lot of sand.
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Trail Directions
From I-94 Exit 150, drive north mile to Katz Road. Turn right and follow Katz for another mile (a twisty road) to Glenn Road. Turn right and proceed down Glenn mile to a two-track turnabout on the north side. This is the only place to park off the road. From there you can bike back a few hundred feet to an access path on the south side which is marked with a post. If you are bad at directions, go to the RA headquarters (on McClure Road) and pick up a map.
Trail Length
5 miles
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June 10, 2000

Overall Rating
 2 of 5

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Reviewed by: JET , from Monroe MI

This trail is a potential gem but which is currently very rough, both literally and figuratively. This is a shared trail with horses, and their presence is visible from the hoofprints and felt through the extremely rough condition of the trail surface. There are a couple of entry points, but the one off Glenn Road opens with mile of loose sand. Beyond this, once on the trail it improves to be somewhat more rideable. Rocks are strewn throughout, and intense at a number of locations. The side brush is very close, and in spots has grown into the pathway. That said, with a lot more riders this trail could be one of southern Michigans better runs. MMBA should organize a brush-clearing, tread-packing, signing event here, because it sure could use the work. If you like to ride with speed or on smooth singletrack, dont bother for you will get frustrated. Those who like a rough, medium-distance, anaerobic workout will enjoy the course. In its current condition, Waterloo rates a 2. But with a lot of work, it could become a 4. MTBers, lets get to it!

Recommended Route:
This is the only official trail for bikes at Waterloo.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)