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Gorman Lake and Green Lake

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This is a fairly undeveloped area and following the trails can be challanging at times. The main, maintained official waterloo hiking trail traverses this ara and is closed to bikes. There are plenty of other trails to have fun on though. Try the trails that circle Gorman Lake and the trails north of Green Lake. (a good map would help) This is a great area for new MTB trail development. Most trails are abandoned farm routes and old hunter's trails on State land.
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Trail Directions
I-94 to Chelsea (40W of Detroit). M-52 North through Chelsea. N.W on Werkner Rd (right about 4mi north of town). At a sharp bend to the East, about 4 miles up Werkner Rd, is a West turnoff to Island Lake Rd. and Lindley Rd. Take Lindley Rd, which is somewhat hidden at that intersection. Lindley is only about one mile long and ends in a rough parking lot on state land. If the road does not end, you got onto Island Lake Rd. Go back to the Werkner Rd. intersection and look for the obscure entrance to Lindley Rd.
Trail Length
3 to 10 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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