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Power Line Detour (Harwich)

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There isn't really any trail. There is a trail, but it is short and only for people with the balls to hit big jumps (4'-5'). There is also a track by it, that was created by a bunch of kids years ago. The track has 2 gravity walls, a bowl carved into the ground, a table top (going up 4'), a quarter pipe carved out of a large pile of dirt and dried up sand (12'), a huge ass jump (6' 5"), and a bunch of other jumps about 3'-4'. The trail is through dark woods to keep you cool while riding but the track is encircled by trees holding in heat and making you hot. I wouldn't recommend the trail for mountain biking, but for bmx and dirt jumping bikes instead.
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Can't tell, because it will get torn down by owner of land, town's department, or the cops. I'm not exactly sure who's property it is, but I think it is the town's and even though there is almost no one down there, basically ever, I am trying to be cautious about it. Not many people know about his place now anyways and am trying to keep it that way for know. I will say however, that it is by power lines. . . and suburban housing. . .
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short but extreme! (.25 miles)
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