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Single track, snowmobile trails, carriage roads and fire roads make up this senic ride through one of New Englands finest watersheds. Maticulously maintained snowmobile trails, complete with high quality bridges and trail signs. Start at the boat launch. This trail will take you along the northeast shore line, rising and falling along a 30 degree traverse angle on Goss Hill. Follow this trail about four miles to a T intersection. Go right onto an old, dirt, lake access road. Continue for about 3 miles to where this trail turns to a secondary dirt road. You will pass some ancient colonial homes, continue until you reach Kinne Brook Road in Worthington. Go right onto Kinne Brook. Continue for about one mile. Go right onto Pretence Road, go about one mile where you will come to the bottom of the hill. Go right on this dirt road for about 100 yards, where you will run into Rt. 112. Go right on Rt 112 for a 40 mph paved downhill. Jam for 2 miles and fork right onto Goss Hill Road (dirt). Follow Goss Hill Road for about five miles where you will end up back at the boat launch (you are parked here). Total miles: aprox. 17 Travel time: aprox. 3 hours. Moderate climbing. Lake views. Hemlock forest.
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Trail Directions
Route 112 to Gateway HS. Goss Hill Road to Littleville Lake boat launch. Park at boat launch lot. Trailhead is to the right of the boat ramp.
Trail Length
17 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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