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kirsh's corner

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Park one vehicle at dwight station mini mart and another up at the enfield road parking area entrance to the m & m trail. Follow the trail markers for a quarter mile or so until you see a mark for the tail to turn right. Follow the trail up to the radio tower and take the roller coaster single track down. It turns into a double at the end. You could also ride up tower road but it is marked for non trespassing. once you go down you cross over gold st. and go down a series of single track trails until you cross over gulf road. You actually go back up gulf road to meet back up with the trail ie you take a left coming out of the woods riding a steep uphill on road. you go through some property that is posted in some spots but you are legally allowed to pass through as per the . after a decent climb on some logging roads and some single track climb and decents you come to a downhill logging road that comes to a stop/fork. If you follow the m & m from here there will be spots that are unridable (a gorge). But if you plan on doing a few sections of the m&m it is passable. if you were to fork to the right you come out on S. Gulf rd. if you were to follow it to gulf rd. and take a left, and strap in for a quick twisty ride. take a right onto north street to come out to dwight station mini mart.
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August 9, 2008

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: c_k67 ,  Cross Country Rider

as stated above awesome.. lots of different terrain. some rock ledge face, some hardpack single track, some streams and swamp single track, some logging roads, some stream beds, some dirt road, some paved road. very technical downhills, challenging uphills. snow usually in some sections till late march/april. marked trails crossing town lines. mostly downhill, but some challenging uphill climbs.

there are a few ways to get there... the google map has it pretty much right on. there is a parking area for the m & m on enfield rd. going from mt. lincoln sections into parts of the cadwell forest.

Recommended Route:
taking a right about a quarter mile in. otherwise you end up going toward the amherst watershed. this is also a fun trail, but nowhere near as much fun as the above.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Cushman's market trails (another section of the m&m)

puffers pond north amherst loop.

red rocks westfield overlooking the hampden ponds (above holyoke resovior) good up and down.

Chicopee state park.. for a quick sandy ride.

Bachelor st. granby

seven sisters... you need to be a little nuts for this.

mt. tom section from holyoke to easthampton

some of the robert frost trail sections.

holyoke reservoir - beginner to advanced

WNEC - 2-3 miles of trails flat and some jumps

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)