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High Hill Road Trails

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This trail has something for everyone, It starts on High Hill road in Dartmouth, and if done correctly you end at High Hill road. You have to start going down the gas line(looks like fire road) to get to the trail opening. The trail opening is right after the gate for the gas line. You start out and it''s rocky and dirt. You then continue down the trail and you can do a small loop. or if you get down and you go up a hill you can see a ranch. If you start goin down hill and keep heading left you''ll do a huge loop, that something for everyone, ie..mud, jumps, single track, Downhill. This is a playground. You can go thorough rivers, streams and a lot more. When you complete the loop you come out at some power lines. Take a left, and go to the road, then take another left, and your on High Hill road. Check it out!! It''s intense!!
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Trail Directions
Take the faunce corner road exit off of 195 Go to the end of faunce corner Take left onto High Hill road About a 1/4 mile down the road and you'll see a red gate on your right hand side That's the entrace to the gas line Tear it up
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Over 15 Miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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