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more xc riding than anything else, but it is an awesome place to ride, more beginner to advanced, not really expert, but biking is all fun so an expert xc racer could have fun hammering the trails there, and there are like 2 expert trails, there are some really, really technical trails in there, but it is a good place to spend an afternoon, all the trails link together and go around the small lake, and you cant really get lost in there, great place to ride though, the roots in the trails are awesome and make it really technical, awesome riding.
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im not too sure, this place is a campsite (cabins) so look up east boston camps on the internet, once at the east boston camps you have to ride down the road, you can park at the end of one road, along the railroad trax, then take a right and ride until the road disappears then the trail starts, there are some great trails in there
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about 5 miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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