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Covey WMA

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The Covey WMA is sandwiched between the Swift River and the UMass orchard. Not a huge area, but large enough to get lost for a few hours. The entire area is scribbled with trails that go through thick wooded areas and open fields. The entire west side is a ridge line, so lots of climbing and downhill. Trails are single track to fireroad width with rocks and roots in the wooded areas and loose dirt in the open fields. After a good ride, go to the UMass orchard for a crisp apple or cold cider. Watch for horseback riders. And check the hunting schedule in the Fall.
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Trail Directions
From B'town center, south on Rt181. About three miles, left on Cold Springs. Less than a mile, UMass orchard will be on the left. Covey is the area to the East of the orchard. Trail entrances on every side of the area
Trail Length
1400+ acres Miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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United States
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