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Copicut Woods

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This conservation land has 5.4 miles of maintained trails. Mostly dirt lanes with a bit of singletrack. No technical riding here, but a good spot for beginners. The trails traverse an old farm and you can see old foundations and walls. The trails are only a couple of miles from the southernmost part of Freetown State Forest, so its a good starting point/warmup for a longer ride into some of the less ridden areas of Freetown Forest.

To Get to Freetown State forest just ride out to the Miller Brook parking area and follow Copicut Road north. Its a beautiful ride along the reservoir at which point I absolutely guarantee you will not believe you are in Fall River. To get into the Freetown singletrack take a left onto the trail at the very end of the pavement. There is also a website for this area where you can download a map and read all about it.
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July 27, 2008

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Reviewed by: icecreamjay ,  Cross Country Rider

Flat, easy and scenic. Download a map from www.thetrustees.org.

Recommended Route:
There are only 5.4 miles of trails, so its easy to ride it all. If I remember correctly, Soggy Bottom Trail is not very bike friendly. Its wet and the bridges are definitely not built for bikes (narrow, not in line with the trail, or even sturdy) and there are many logs down.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Freetown State Forest, Swansea Junior High, Destruction Brook Woods

icecreamjay (05/27/2011)
I've found a trail that links this area to the wildlife management area to the north, which abuts freetown state forest. There is a trail heading east off of the Horseshoe loop trail. It leads to some moto trails that are pretty decent singletrack. Quiet and there are a lot less motorcycles in this part of the forest.
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)