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Ashley and Whitney Roads

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Rocky, some mud and a spot to stop and pick blackberries in the right season.
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Trail Directions
From Williams St. in Pittsfield travel toward Washington past Burgner's turkey farm. At Y in road take the right (this is Washington Mtn. Rd.). Follow this road as it winds up the mountain. Once you are at the top of the mountain watch for a dirt road on the right. If you come to the Appalachian trail you have gone about 1 mile to far. At the dirt road park your car off the road. The ride is easy at this point and you will come the dam of Ashley Reservoir. At this point the road becomes a double track trail. It is not too difficult, but is rocky and has some places you will have to walk around water. At about 9/10s of a mile a trail goes off to the left. You can take this, however there is one section that is extremely rocky. But it will bring you out on the road to Becket/Lee MA. A better ride is to continue on the trail for about another mile. Again a trail to the left. This is Whitney "Road". Some easy parts some more technical, ROCKS, but a fun ride. You will eventually come to a T. Take the left and follow to a dirt road. At the intersection of the trail with the road is a sign to Lee MA (turn right) This will also take you to Lenoxdale. However if you go left on the dirt road about 2 miles it will bring you to an intersection with another dirt road. This is known as the Four Corners. A left turn here (West Branch Rd.) will take you back to Washington Mtn. Rd. This road has a long rocky climb initially, but doable. When you reach Washington Mtn. Rd. (paved Rd.) turn left and ride back to your car. About 12 miles and a fun ride!
Trail Length
about 12 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Pittsfield and Washington

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