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Ansie Road Trail

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A great trail avaliable to us by the chelmsford conservation commission. this is conservation area and it is 11 acres big, but dont worry there are many trails leading off this are but i cant conferm that those trails are ridable. when in doubt look for no trespassing signs or dont leave ansie road trails. this is a great place for begginers an advanced riders. better start those squats and leg ecorcises or you can just ride through the sand covered trails. this sand gives you a good workout but its so fun you dont even notice. there are lots of hard packed single tracks here too but just watch out for dead ends, the dead ends are very noticible so dont worry about not seeing them and riding into the bushes. lots of small rocks on the hills.

also, there are some downhill parts of the trail that are very racky and sandy but arnt too much of a problem. This place is great for a quick ride, well i road it 4 time back and fourth and didnt get bored. more or less these are fireroads. ALSO, this trail looks like it is used but some ATV's, i havent met any yet but im just warning to look out for them so you dont collide. this trail is also used by hikers and jogers but useualy it is quiet. BRING WATER, you will have no shade unless you ride an unmarked trail off of ansie conservation land. it getts hot but i find it just fine when you are riding. Have Fun :)
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From chelmsford center turn onto billrica road (route 129) and then turn onto turnpike road. The trail head is at the right hand side at the powerlines and is easily spotted.Also: route 3 to billerica road (route 129) onto turnpike.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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August 12, 2004

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 4 of 5

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Reviewed by: stalk&kill ,  Weekend Warrior

Great trail, I worte this trail page up so my review is the info givven at the top of the page.

beneathmiskin (08/27/2007)
Hey this is near the water ditrict right??
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)