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New Germany State Park

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New Germany Sate Park is a great destination for beginner mountain bikers. The park maintains a few miles of hiking/biking trails which travel through some hilly and scenic forest. The trails in New Germany are better marked than the roads leading to the park. It would be difficult to get lost in this relatively small park with a bag on your head. There is a trail map/marker at every intersection and color-coded blazes marking the trail in between intersections. Most of the main trails in New Germany are fire roads with a couple single track sections looping off of the main trails. The park map assigns each trail a difficulty rating. These ratings are based on skiing the trails and not biking so they mostly describe the steepness of the hills on each trail instead of rating the technical challenges. The trails are great for kids or beginner mountain bikers because they are mostly wide grassy fireroads with no dangerous technical challenges. So, if you are an advanced rider looking for some fun...keep on driving. My suggestion would be to drive over the mountain to Margaff Plantation Trail System. This place is chock-full of challenging obstacles.
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Trail Directions
From Pittsburgh/Morgantown: Take I-79 to I-68 east. Follow I-68 into Maryland to Exit 22 at Holiday Inn. Turn right off exit ramp onto Chestnut Ridge Road. Travel about three miles to New Germany Road. Turn left and travel two miles to New Germany State Park on left. Travel time about one hour from Morgantown and two hours from Pittsburgh. Travel a couple hundreds yards into the park down Park Entrance Rd and park near the Lakehouse. The trailhead for the best single track in the park "Yellowtrail" is located on the right hand side of Park Entrance Rd just after the entrance to the Recreation Hall parking and before the Lake House parking area. Access to most of the other trails is possible from the end of the parking area next to the lake runoff stream.
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5 Miles
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Fire Roads
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