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Atv width double track that is quite rocky in places. This ride has continual climbing / decending.
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Trail Directions
Take rte 35 north from Bridgton and past Waterford. About 1 mile past town offices look for Johnson Hill rd (dirt) on left / west side of the road. At top of a short hill enter via the state snowmobile trail system.
Trail Length
15 + miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
East Waterford
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Review Date
August 20, 2002

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: steveb , from clifton park, ny

This trail is not near anything except at the start of the ride, so plan accordingly. The nearest bike shop is aprox 20 miles. It's pretty remote and will require that you have a good sense of direction as you could end up getting lost. Their are a bunch of other old logging roads in the area that you can explore. A side trip to Kezar falls gorge can be done. The above recommended route is a general guideline, and may be hard to follow. Get out and explore, and you can create your own loop. No singletrack, but a nice ride. Some short sections of east coast "slickrock". Do you like to climb ?

Recommended Route:
From trailhead follow doubletrack uphill until you reach the gravel 2wd road. Turn left (uphill) pass 2 old skidder roads on the right, (you can explore both) and start downhill on the gravel road. Turn right just past the pond. Follow downhill past 1 really washed out section till you reach a major trail junction. Turn right over small creek. Turn right again on doubletrack at another small creek and follow for several miles back to the gravel road. Climb back up (right) to the atv trailand turn left, and return back to your car. If you reach the 2wd gravel road and don't want to climb that hill, follow the dirt road to the left and you will come out to rte 35 across from Tut's store. You still have to climb back to your car, but you can do it on pavement. (easier)

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Virginia lake, Albany mountain / Crocker pond, Old Bethel road.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)