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Atherton Mountain

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This trail is a loop about 6.5 miles long. When you get to the power line turn right and follow it until you reach another trail going back into the woods from the direction you came to reach the powerline. This will take you to an old fire tower site on Atherton Mountain. This trail is very challenging with four major climbs over rooty and rocky terrain. Several descents over similar terrain. The descent from the fire tower is rideable for all but a small 40 yard section. This too can be ridden once you look it over from below and plan your approach. If wet, forget it! I've never ridden this trail without at least one person getting a minor injury or breaking something on their bike.
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Trail Directions
Take Route 100 out of Portland. At the center of West Cumberland turn left and park beside the fire station. Ride out of the parking lot and turn left, going over the turnpike. Take the third road on your right. On the left you will see a long series of gravel pits. Ride on the road to where the road forks and turn left down over the steep hill into the gravel pit. At the other side of the pit is the trail. Follow it to your left for about 100 yards and then turn right and follow the trail into the woods.
Trail Length
6.5 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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