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Trail 112 is blazed with blue diamonds and is an out an back but can be included in a loop. This is in my opinion the best ride in Cave Run. Trail takes you to the the bottom of Cave Run all the way to the top by the five points trail intersection. Ride this too Buckskin trail 113. I usually ride Buckskin to Sheltowee trace and then turn around and ride back. This ride has great downhills and you can even ride them back up to the top. Whole ride is 14+ miles so this is a good workout and you get great views of the lake when you are on the ridgetops. Plenty of rock to keep your attention. On the way back if you do not feel up to it you can take the gravel road by the five points and ride that back to the main rode. From there is is a short ride to the parking lot. This is Cave Run so bring plenty of water and food.
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Take I64 to exit 123 and go towards Salt Lick. Drive through Salt Lick and follow signs to Zilpo campground. Trail starts at parking lot infront of Tater Knob fire tower.
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Salt Lick

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