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Fraiser Park

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A quick drop into the trees and you'll cross a few logs and quick turns. Once up on the dirt road there are several drops back into the grasslands and trees. The trail crosses itself and splits off and is pretty chaotic. You can go VERY fast. Quite a joyride! On the back side of the park there are several big drops and long grassy stretches. Plenty of short rolling hills makes this a nice ride for beginners and a fast paced racing ground for veterans.
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Trail Directions
Traveling west on hwy 160 towards Ulysses you'll see the Wagon Bed Inn on the left side of the road. The next street is Stubb St. Take a left (south) and you'll see a sign shortly on the left for Fraiser Park. Turn here and you'll pass some baseball fields and then just find a place to park. There's a clubhouse on the left and just past that is a maintainence building. Ride up behind it a bit and you'll see a tree line. The drop off is not marked, but looks like a hole in the trees with a canopy.
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Review Date
July 31, 2002

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Chris , from Ulysses

This is not too bad of a trail for southwest Kansas. The trail is recgonized by the mowed down areas. You have a wide variety of choices of paths to chose from, so the only limiting factor is your legs. Going to the back/ south is not too bad. There are a few good little climbs and drops. If you follow the fence line around, you will come across a creek bed that you can drop in and out of for some speed. The trails tend to wind around one another, so the chances of creating personal combinations is a plus. Try to ride it shortly after a rain so the soil will be compacted. Otherwise, the dirt is very soft in areas. Riders of all levels can ride this. There are great areas for beginners to ride and learn the ropes. Expert riders might be a little dissipointed, but hey "any day riding is better than a day at work." CM

Recommended Route:
Park in the parking lot by the old vollyball court. Then head south on the dual track trail. After that, pick your route.

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There is not really a bike shop in town, but e-mail me and I can give you as much help as I can.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)