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Bluemont Hill Trail

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This trail was built for hiking yet bikes are allowed. It is short but offers some very technical riding. I've only ridden it 5 times without dabbing. The parking lot and surrounding area at the top offer rock ledges and obstacles for 1 to 6 foot hucks. Ride down the lettes of MANHATTAN if you can and follow the mulch covered trail down the east side of the hill. Lower your seat and lay off the front brakes (I saw a guy dislocate his shoulder here.) The trail gets ugly with steep grades and railroad tie steps, even on the switchback! The bottom levels out to where you can do some more wheelie drops off retaining walls or just blast your way down to the street. If you can ride this without crashing, give yourself a high five. It's a short trail but all part of a great urban assault ride through town.
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Trail Directions
In Manhattan take Juliette Street north. Go up the VERY steep hill. At the top take a right (street name?) and go on up to the top where there is a parking lot. This place is easy to find if you're in town. It's the big hill that has MANHATTAN letters on it.
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half mile
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Review Date
September 3, 2002

Overall Rating
 2 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Jesse , from Manhattan BWO Washington State

This would be an awsome trail if it was'nt over before it began. It's a really fun, steep trail w/ railroad tie switchback steps. I'm talking hair pin switchbacks. This is definately not the place to learn riding stairs. There is some small retaining walls at the bottom. One with a perfect tranny. Do'nt forget the drops off the concrete pad at the top.

Recommended Route:
same as above

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Lots of stuff at KSU, plus the country club is on the same hill with at least one good 8 ftr off of a shed on the golf coars with smooth grass tranny.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)