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Wilson Island State Park

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This series of trails is a great local ride offering a decent ride and excellent scenery along the way. The trails are generally fire roads, the majority of them generally under a thick canopy of trees. The trails are wide enough to ride side-by-side making it a good family ride. These trails are flat for the most part, however a few bumps along the way keep things interesting. The trails meander through a game reserve framed to the west by the Missouri River and an oxbow lake to the east. There is lots of wildlife to be seen along the way with an excellent chance of viewing various birds, deer, and rabbit as you make your way through the trails. There is nothing technical about these trails, however the occasional fallen tree will provide a log crossing here or there. Patchy mudspots can also be a factor after a good rain due to the fact that the Missouri River is so close and the water table is right under your wheels. Aside from being a fun place to ride, this is a good place to either camp or fish. Hunting is allowed during season, so make sure you wear orange during deer season to avoid be mistaken for a fleeing deer *wink* Check out the url for more information as well as a decent map of the trails.
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Trail Directions
Coming from the Omaha area take 80E towards I29N. Follow I29N/I680N until you reach IA State HWY 362. Follow IA 362 westward. IA 362 will continue west for about 1 mile and then head briefly southward before turning westward again. Continue along IA 362 until it becomes Desoto Avenue. Take a left at Campground Lane. Follow Campground Lane for about 1/4 mile. The first left you can make you will see a Park Office. Park your car in the parking lot in front of the office. Trailhead to Chute Trail is northwest of parking area.
Trail Length
Approximately 5 miles of trails
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Missouri Valley
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Review Date
August 5, 2002

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a month

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Reviewed by: Pawn , from Bellevue, NE

While this trail is not a hardcore mountain bike trail, it is fun nonetheless. This trail can be ridden enjoyably on any kind of bike other than a road/recumbent bike. Anybody could ride this trail and have a good ride, which in my mind is what makes it great. Everytime I ride this trail I see tons of deer and rabbit and have even spotted a bald eagle as well. This is part of the reason I like these trails, I can combine my two great passions: mountain biking and bird watching in one trip! If you are looking for an intense riding experience, go elsewhere. However if you want a nice enjoyable ride, this is a great place. It is an especially good trail to bring people who may be new to off-road riding as well as young children due to the fact that nothing on the trails will send them to the hospital. I would rate this trail in the same line as Wabash Trace, a great ride despite the fact that there is nothing technical about it. In the end it's all about having fun, and to me, that's what counts. Going with 4 stars on this one, with the caveat that this is by no means a killer mountain bike trail... just a fun off-road trail to burn some miles.

Recommended Route:
Start off at the Park Office and hit the Boyer Trail first. Continue along Boyer until it links up with Whitetail Trail. At first Y-intersection of trail bear left and link up with Dogwood Trail. Bear left on Dogwood loop 1 1/2 times to come back out at the Campground Area. Link back up with Whitetail and finish unfinished portion of the loop, heading back to the Boyer Trail. Follow Boyer back the way you came to your car. This route totals up to about 10 miles ( I believe)

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)