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Stephen's State Forest

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Most of these trails are shared with the Equestrian and hiking users. As you can imagine these trails can sometimes be ruff from the horse use, but dont let that deter you from trying these trails. There are some great easy to ride trails on top of the ridges, but as soon as the tail starts to descend it really does, but remember with all great downhill tracks there is are hills which require the use of the granny gear.
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Trail Directions
There are multiple trailheads. The easiest is to travel West from Lucas to the 'T' intersection of Highway 69 (from the north) and Highway 34 (East/West). Here is a nice Gasn Shop if your need any last minute supplies. Then travel 0.5 miles further West were there is a Brow recreational sign indicating the turn to Stephens State Forest. The gravel road from here will turn a few times and take you over an old wooden bridge spanning double railroad tracks and then quickly on to the Lucas unit of the Stephens Sate Forest. The rest of the trailheads are reached by: traveling 4 miles south of Lucas on U.S. 65, then 3.5 miles west, then 0.5 mile south, then west on lane to trail head. Or, about 1.25 miles south of Woodburn, then 0.5 miles east on same road, then follow the gravel road south about 2.5 to 3 miles to the forest.
Trail Length
29 miles according to the DNR
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
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