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Sam Parr State Park

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Mostly grass, some hills, nice scenery throughout the lake. This is a really nice place to take your mate along for the ride, very peaceful setting for the perfect cycling date. Some locals use the horse trails, and are very courteous. Mostly flat, with some light hills, nothin hard about this one. Once you get half way through it, find your way to the road and circle back around again.
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Trail Directions
go north of Newton on 130 about 2 miles. then turn east on highway 33. drive another two miles and you should see Sam Parr State Park's main entrance. Keep driving east, and turn on the next road to the north. It'll look like your driving into the boonies, you'll drive about one and 1/2 miles and the bike/horse trail is on your left. You really have to look for the signs. Last time I was there, they were obstucted by weeds. If you get lost, stop and ask for directions. The locals are really friendly.
Trail Length
6 to 7 miles
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