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River Camp DirtBike Trail feat. The Basin

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I was very sorry to see the best trail set I've ever riden destroyed last year. Stupid logging companies. This trail was great. It was an long time used motorcycle trail that was tweaked out to perfection. There were stumps to jump and multiple lines on nearly every section. Never the same ride twice. Some of the whoops were undelievable. At high speed you would get that tickling feeling in your belly like on those old backroad treks with the fam in the oldsmobile. The kicker... the biggest basin ever. It was like a four sided halfpipe basically. There were several entrances and an exit to the biggest jump I've ever been brave enough to do. Lets just say that if you are faint of heart you should take it. I guess it was made for dirt bikes, but they can't have all the fun right? I will miss it, and it will have to live on in mine and my friends' memories.
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Trail Directions
Along the Wabash River in South East Illinois. Very near to Beall's Woods State Park. Can't give directions because it was destroyed when the forrest was wooded last year. This is the obituary.
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4 miles
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