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McCandless Park

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at the fence look right there is a trail that goes up even further maybe you can ride this maybe you can't. go upto the top of the hill and the trail splits 4 ways all leading down at different directions some more technical than others all very fast & dangerous on the west side of the hill there is a loop trail all trails are short but pumpy.Very steep up/downs tight,twisty,loose dirt/leaves lots of trees a couple jumps,as a local mtbiker i have noticed that there more bikers than we have trails & that's why we need to work on building more trails even if it's a short system. any time spent on your bike in the woods is quality time. PS.there is another trail that needs to hook up to the park trail it is by the east side of the parking lot of the baseball field and follows the creek south it would go all the way to 14th.ave. but hasn't seen any maintenance ever even though the creek trail is still a nice break from concrete
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Trail Directions
46th.st.& 9th.ave. RockIsland The park is located on the border of rock island/moline east RI/west Moline once in the park follow the sidewalk up to the woods then continue up the stairs into the woods till you get to a fence.your there!
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Moline-Rock Island

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October 23, 2001

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 4 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: Big Dog , from St. Charles

Sick down hills. Tight twisty and dangerous.. ohh that was a tree. Creek trail is cool too. NOt too long but fun, and short.. good break from concrete if you are going through the area or on your way to Sylvan Island.Definetly check out this park there are more possibilities than you can see so look closely and you will find them.

Recommended Route:
Top of stairs to the bottom.

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Sylvan Island is just down the street.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)