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Lake Storey Park

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The first trail (THE WARM UP-0.3mi.)is in the wooded area by the parking lot. You will see a wide path going into the wooded area DON’T START THERE!!!! To the left is a single-track entry point go through that over the big log,turn right onto the wide track go out of the wooded area towards where you parked,turn to your left and there will be another entry back onto some more single track into the woods. Following that out the back onto the bike path 0.1 miles. To your left you will see a small bypass route, take that and get back on the paved bike path. When you pass the Pavilion look to the wooded area to the left, there is another small bypass route that will take you to an iron bridge. Cross the paved path. This trail will take you around a ravine (PRISCILLA’S GORGE-0.5). There are two points you’ll have to exit the woods and enter again. The second time you’ll ride out of the woods until you wind around the corner of the ravine. When you get to the other side there will be a ladder bridge across the ravine. Once you come out of these woods cross the bike path again and follow that trail along the lake (EAST LAKE SHORE DRIVE–0.3). There is a lake access road you cross to get to the next section. When you come out of this continue west on the paved path. Look to your left as you approach the woods; take the first entry (TWISTER–1.3)it will let out to a wide path, stay to the immediate right and this path with take you down through the ravine and out again. Stay to the left and again will go down the ravine. Take the wide trail to the right out of the woods, turn left and take the trail to the right. The trail connects on the other side of the ravine over a log pile. Follow this trail until you get to the wide track, and turn right. This trail lets out onto the wide track you came up on…keep right and straight past the wide track to your right, toward the lake, (WEST LAKE SHORE DRIVE–0.5)there is another small tight track to the right, which lets out to the wide track, take a left and when you are about ¾ the way up the hill take a hard left by a big fallen log. Follow curve of the laketo the large wooded area (JARED''S LABRYNTH–0.5)that trail will eventually take you out of the wooded area and back in, over a ladder bridge and back on the paved path. Go west into wooded area on your left (THE GAUNTLET 0.5), Cross the bike path into the next wooded area (MOUNT MITCHELL 2.0)up and immediately back down a small ravine,follow that until you reach a fork…go right,ride the crest of this hill all the way down toward the road, turn left toward the spillway.If you take the edge of the spillway ride the edge of the hill, cross the big iron bridge and go down the other side of the spillway (MOUNT MITCHELL continued). From there you will see the connecting trails in a somewhat hilly section, take a right up the hill as you come down the hill there is an option to go straight, hard right or a more rounded right. Take the rounded right up the hill.
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Trail Directions
To get to Lake Storey, if coming from Peoria, from I-74 take the 34 west to Monmouth ramp, at the second ramp (Henderson st. and route 150) take the 150 ramp; a half mile or so there will be bike path signs (for the paved path), turn into the parking lot immediately to the left off 150. If coming from the Quad cities, take I-74 to the above-mentioned Monmouth ramp and continue as outlined for Peoria.
Trail Length
8+ Miles
Trail Level
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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Review Date
April 25, 2006

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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 3 of 5

Technical Difficulty
 3 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: xtreme7 ,  Cross Country Rider

Very tight,twisty, technial trail. Climbs are moderate, plenty of log overs, a few ladder bridges. Each section of trail is connected by a paved path, so getting lost is impossible. This is a new trail, with maps and signage coming soon.
Great trail for a small area. Good use of limited land to provide maximum mileage

Recommended Route:
As described in opening page.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)