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Tour de Bogus

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Once you're past the shut gate, it's a scenic but long uphill. If'n yur not iter pain, ride it in reverse. When the trail splits, go left at the saddle and head towards Majestic, cross Paradise, then downhill 1/4 mile and to the left. Head towards Nugget via the cat track behind chair #6. Work your way up to Showcase and head S.W. toward Doe point, hop the gate at the radio towers and head S.W. down the dirt road back to the asphalt and then uphill to the parking lot.
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Head up the 147 turns to Bogus Basin Ski resort and park. Keep on following the parking lot round to the X-C area and go through the gate, take the dirt road to the bottom of chair #3 (the 2nd chair you'll pass once you're on the dirt road) and go under the gate on the road that peels uphill on the right. The real climb starts here.
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