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park and ski

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there are about 30 miles of trails that connect to each other at 3 Park and Ski locations east of Idaho City.

google Idaho SP "Park and Ski", or get a hold of Boise NF map. There are good maps at TH. also good signage along trials.

this is great intemediate /family riding.

no steep sections, basically about 2-3% grade in all ascents/descents. you can gain 1000' to 1500' if you try. these are CC ski trials.

Boise gets some 10-15 days of triple digit heat in summer. 30 -45 days of 95+ degrees. With no shade, Boise foothills can only be ridden in early morning or at dusk.

however.....Boise National Forest trails,including "Park and Ski", at 4500' to 6500' are generally 7-10 degrees cooler than downtown. And shady.

Rule of thumb good worldwide: temp drops 4 degree every 1000' elevation.

Also Try Rivers to Ridges Trails at Schaeffer Butte, or FR trails around Scheffer Butte.

remember any trail thruout SW Idaho under 5000' is going be blazin hot in summer.
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July 14, 2007

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Reviewed by: boisebomber ,  Cross Country Rider

Park and Ski trails are CC ski and snowshoe trail ssytem east of Idaho City. there are 3 THs, Gold, Banner, and Whoop-em Up.

Trails from TH interconnect to make 30+ miles trails. build a trail to suit yourself. you can ride back down Hwy 21 if need be as there is practically NO traffic.

trails themselves are intermdiate aerobically and technically. usully 4WD double track and single track. sometimes graded sand. bascially you are riding on CC ski trials, so you can imagine the level of challenge.

pleasant riding , nice views, forested , shady and cool enough to ride in hottest part of the day.

there are other trails in and around idhao city and lowman. all within and hour of Boise. check with falcon book for description of 4-5 of these trails.

map: http://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/assets/content/docs/Idaho_City_Area_XC.pdf

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)