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Grays Peak loop

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Get a map. South on Cove Creek, left just before Quigely so you drop down to Baugh Creek. East into Fisher Canyon where you will have to shoulder you bike for about a half mile climb at the head. Once on top take the single track to the left, the only way really, this will follow the ridge above Porcupine canyon right around to the base of Grays Peak where you again go left down the Federal Gulch trail. At the bottom it is left again back to the car on East Fork road. This is a fun loop which can take a while. The hike sucks a little but if you persevere you will be well rewarded with lots of fun single track at high elevations with spectacular veiws of the Pioneer Mts.
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Trail Directions
Park near the Cove Creek road out East Fork
Trail Length
25 miles (aprox)
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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