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Gold Fork

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The ride begins up a gently sloping dirt road with ascends along side a small creek for several miles to a yurt at the summit. The trail to the yurt is marked by yellow and white trail blaze symbols attached to trees. At the yurt you have several choices for your loop route. Continue on the road, which travels for another 3 miles along a small creek or take one of 3 single tracks back to the parking lot. We opted for a new trail which does not appear on the website trail guide, Moose Trail. It is designated as a snowshoe trail. It is a 1.3 mile fun, twisting, and somewhat bumpy trail with plenty of obstacles to make it challenging but not dangerous. Beginners may have to dismount in a couple of places. The second half of the 2 loops is accessed across the road from the parking lot (east side.) We stuck to the road, which took us to another yurt. Fantastic views. This loop has much more climbing than the first loop and would best be done before the previously mentioned western loop. The trail does access the Beaver Trail, which is 6.7 miles more. The are over 50 miles of trails within the 3 ski/snowshoe/mountain bike parks in this area. Have fun.
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Trail Directions
60 Miles northeast of Boise on Idaho Highway 21.
Trail Length
2 separate 5 mile loops
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Idaho City
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Review Date
December 10, 2007

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

Aerobic Difficulty
 4 of 5

Technical Difficulty
 3 of 5

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Once a year

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Reviewed by: boisebomber ,  Cross Country Rider

Park and Ski trails are CC ski and snowshoe trail ssytem east of Idaho City. there are 3 THs, Gold, Banner, and Whoop-em Up.

Trails from TH interconnect to make 30+ miles trails. build a trail to suit yourself. you can ride back down Hwy 21 if need be as there is practically NO traffic.

trails themselves are intermdiate aerobically and technically. usully 4WD double track and single track. sometimes graded sand. bascially you are riding on CC ski trials, so you can imagine the level of challenge.

pleasant riding , nice views, forested , shady and cool enough to ride in hottest part of the day.

there are other trails in and around idhao city and lowman. all within and hour of Boise. check with falcon book for description of 4-5 of these trails.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)