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Gibson Jack to Slate Trail to West Fork - Loop

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Views are nice. Terrain does vary as the trail runs in and out of small wooded areas back out into mountain terrain. No cell phone service while on West Fork.

From the Gibson Jack parking lot head down the trail to the left (not the obvious uphill one) and cross the little stream uphill to the steep switch back. The trail starts uphill and continues on a narrow hard pack trail. Watch for moose down in lower muddy ponds. I saw one taking a mud bath about a mile from the parking lot. At the top go left to the Slate Trail - from here is is pretty much downhill - you will come to a fork in the trail - left goes to the Slate parking lot - take the left. (Right is shortcut to West Fork Trail). Turn right out of the parking lot at the end of Slate Trail and follow the road a mile or so to the West Fork trail which will eventually meet back up with Gibson Jack. West Fork starts as a double wide and eventually turns into a singletrack. You will come to a fork at a cattle guard go right there which will take you back to the Gibson Jack trail. The uphills are payment for the fun you will have on the downhills.
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