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Fall Creek Area

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Everything you can imagine Try Echo Canyon, Rash Canyon, Blacktail Canyon, S. Fork Fall Creek, Pritchard Creek, 4TH of July Ridge, Red Ridge, Bear Creek, Elk mountain, etc, etc. These trails are as good as it gets. Mostly single track. Some jeep trails Many loops available, 10 miles to 30 miles Sorry there are no trail guides and you are really on your own. You will feel lonely out there. Although I list all levels, most are intermediate and advanced.
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Trail Directions
Between Idaho Falls and Jackson, Wy Id Hwy 26 45 miles east of Idaho Falls. Or Id Hwy 31, over Teton Pass, 40 miles west of Jackson Get a Targhee N.F. Palisades Ranger District Map Generally, this backcountry area is west of Palisades reservoir. Access is via good dirt roads
Trail Length
Hundreds of miles
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Swan Valley

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