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Black Grove

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At the top of the pass, turn Left (south) on a fire road that leads to some undeveloped campsites. Ride approx 1.8 mi untill you see an old sheep herd/jeep trail that goes very steeply up to the left. after you all have CLEANED this mini hero hill, the ride turns into wide singletrack. Stay on the main trail, it will meander and climb, eventually a couple of switchbacks, always bear to the left. after the switchbacks you will probably rest in a stand of aspens. Ride approx 1/2 mile towards the east, the trail will take a sharp left north. Roll through a cool tall tree section, eventually follow a ridge to the west until the trail turns north.(this is your first right turn!) Follow unbelievable singletrack until the trail spits out onto a powerline road. Take a left here back to the car!
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Trail Directions
From Victor drive west on 33 6 or 7 miles until you are at the base of Pine Creek Pass. Park across from the National Forest service sign on the Left side of the road. Gear up here. This ride starts with a mild road ride up to the top of the pass.
Trail Length
11 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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