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West Brow - Cane Section

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Ride up this road for less than a mile to a cul de sac where the singletrack begins on the right. Ride up an intermediate climb, then level, then down to Bluebird Gap (1 mile from cul de sac), where a connector from Estelle Mine comes in from the right. Continue left over fairly buffed, level trail, then climb a gradually increasing grade through alternating buff/rocky trail to top of Cane Section at junction with Pocket Loop trail. "North" Pocket is to the right, "South" Pocket, Atwood Trail, and High Point are all to left. Cane Section is about 3.2 miles of singletrack with good technical workouts, a few large deadfalls to portage. It's pretty climb-able most all the way up, and a teeth-clenching HOOT to come down from the top! A good loop if you don't mind some bike hiking is (counter-clockwise) out Estelle Mine (hike down horsed-out steps on the Pocket end), up North Pocket (MAJOR hike up what appears to be a carpet bombed creek bed - must be over a quarter mile!), then down West Brow Cane Section back to Estelle parking lot. Clockwise (up Cane Section) would provide a nice roll down North Pocket, at least until you get to the boulder field.
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Trail Directions
More great riding discovered on Pigeon!! Start at Estelle trailhead, GA 193 apx. 6 miles west of it's JCT with BUS 27 in Lafayette. Follow Estelle Mine Trail through short section of singletrack, then turn right on forest road. Continue up the mountain on this road apx. 1.0 mile to 'T' where Estelle Mine heads down to the right, West Brow (Cane Section) heads up to the left.
Trail Length
5.1 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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