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Paynes Creek

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Flowing twisty trail built in winter 2011. Ton of fun. No obstacles and not too many roots. It's pretty fast but does have quite a bit of uphill. The climbs are short, but there are quite a few. Total length is about 7 miles.

Not flat enough to be called a beginner trail. Too easy to be called advanced. That makes it intermediate. The speed and twisty/turns plus plenty of short climbs make this smooth flowy trail an excellent intermediate track.

Beginners will struggle and risk crashing. Best to be sure you can handle all the flow, climbs and twistiness before taking this on.

Go to the campground/boat landing parking lot. Trailhead is marked with "multi-purpose trail" sign with SORBA/IMBA stickers. No horses allowed.

Directions from I-85 Exit 177 (Georgia side of Hartwell Lake):

1. Head south on GA-77 S/State Route 366/Whitworth Rd toward Knox Bridge Crossing Rd/State Route 59 and continue to follow GA-77 S/State Route 366 for 5.2 miles.

2. Turn left at Junction 77 and go 2.2 miles.

3. Turn left at Co Rd 503/Mt Olivet Rd Continue to follow Mt Olivet Rd for 4.0 miles.

4. Turn left at Paynes Creek Road and go 0.8 miles.

5. Turn right at road to trailhead parking lot.
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