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Mitchell Bridge Road

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There is all sorts of riding options here. Easy stuff. Hard Stuff. There's a lot of single track packed into a small amount of acreage. It's not a traditional loop. It's a series of trails. Some really techni-maniacal downhills. There's a power trail on one side of the trails that's got some jumps and will allow you to access all the trails. I suggest you start at the top of the power trail and work your way down. just pick some entry into the woods and ride. you can't really get lost. Please mail me if you have questions, comments, or just wanna' ride somewhere.
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Trail Directions
Take the GA-316 EAST exit Take the US-78 EAST/US-78 WEST/GA-10 exit towards ATHENS/MONROE. This means go left at the end of the ramp. Go right on to atlanta highway. Mitchell bridge road will be on your left immediately after the Publix. about a tenth of a mile on the right there's a state farm building. park. across the street there are woods, look for the trail. This takes you into the trails on the top side of everything.
Trail Length
I guess there's 10+ miles here.
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Trails for all skill levels
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Review Date
October 14, 2001

Overall Rating
 2 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a week

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Reviewed by: James , from Athens

I hope I have helped some of my fellow riders. All should be able to use the lower end of the trails a little more now that I have cut down most of the overhanging briars, but have not come up with a solution to the ants yet. All I know is they always end up in my shoes....
The upper end trails are in nice shape but lots of spiders on the first run, and I do mean BIG ones.

Recommended Route:
On Mitchell Bridge just past bridge on the river is a driveway(used to be for Camp Kelly) park here, not hard to find the entrance trail.

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Review Date
August 30, 1999

Overall Rating
 1 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Ridden Once

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Reviewed by: RYAN , from ATLANTA

Briars, Spider Webs, Briars, Snakes, Briars, Dogs, Briars, lots and lots of fire ants, oh and did I mention briars. I read about this trail on this website and tried it this weekend. The power lines are great, but don't go towards the bridge. The growth has over crowded the trail. I really enjoyed the power lines, but I guess I took a wrong turn and ended up under the bridge wear my face got literaly riped apart by briars. Don't be confused this track isn't well managed like a NORBA or SORBA course, but if ridden enough and beaten down a little more it definetly has potential to be a good single track. Maybe it just me and I need to ride with someone who knows the trail well, but I will try it again in a month or so. In the mean time I have to let the lacerations on legs, arms and face heal.

Recommended Route:
Hard to say this corse doesn't ahve a route you just go for it. Avoid the bridge for now until some of the briars die of in the fall. The power lines are really fast.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Farmington GA, Haritage Park 20 minutes from Athens on HWY 441 South. Haritage Park will be on your right. Course designed and built by SORBA

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)