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FATS - Great Step

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This is the newest opening at the FATS section of trails. Having ridden them all now multiple times, I''ve come to the conclusion that this is the toughest loop out there. The brown wave is longer if you ride from the parking lot (11.58 on my check), but the Great Step is just that. After riding through a section that still needs additional traffic to feel right, you enter a series of downhills that have the jumps further spaced than on the Brown Wave. You can cruise these jumps, but must be careful because it can get a way from you. What makes this section the toughest are the climbs. It''s the only section at FATS that really busts my lungs. The others are a workout but have enough up and downs to give you a breaks. The Great Step follows the principle of everything that goes up must come down and vice versa. Great trail. For a solid 13 miler, do the skinny followed by the Great Step. Skinny is the easiest ride and warms you up for the workout at the step.
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6 Miles
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Clarks Hill
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