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East Macon Rec. Trail

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This trail is going to be the next foodmax trail. The trail is a wide winding path that is spotted with quick down hill runs and hills that will test the iron lung in you. Don't be surprised when you find that despite its location the trail is extremely rolling. With its sandy soil the trail is not only fast but doesn't hold water long.
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Trail Directions
Pick a route to Macon. From Macon, take 16 south and take exit 5. Take a left onto Ocmulgee East and go about 2.5 miles. Keep an eye open for the entrance to East Macon Rec. center on your right. If you come up to a four way stop, you have gone to far. Once in the parking lot go to the far left end on the parking lot. You will see a swingset and a fire road that runs into the woods. This fire road is the trailhead.
Trail Length
4.5 miles
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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