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Durhamtown Resort

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Have you heard of Durhamtown Plantation yet? It is a very large resort for any outdoorsey person. It has 8,000 acres and about 100 miles of trails for mountain bikes, dirtbikes, atv's etc. It is a huge area. Durhamtown also has cabins, a restaurant, a lodge, campsites, RV hookups, bike wash stations, wildlife and lots more. Check out their website for info. If you are looking for a new and awesome place to ride I highly recommend it. We invite you to come riding out there to give input on our new trail system for mountain bikes. We want input on what you like/dislike and if you want to hold a race out there, we are open to it. You won't find another place quite like it. Durhamtown is quite an amazing resort. Please check it out and let us know what you think. The trails are so vast and diverse that traffic is never an issue. It's about an hour and a half from downtown Atlanta, out I-20 East, past Lake Oconee. http://www.durhamtown.com
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