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Driving north on I-575 it automatically turns in GA 515, when at the light (KFC on left and Burger King on right) in East Ellijay turn left on Highway 282. Follow 282 west past Ridgeway Recreation Entrance you will see the signs for Woodring Branch Recreational Area of Carter''s Lake. Follow roll about 3.2 miles and you will see a gravel road to the left where there is ample parking. Sign will say Adamahy Trail. Some people are calling this the Woodring Trail so don''t get confused. It''s one and the same. And, don''t forget to stop by Cartecay River Bike Shop and say hi to Mike. He is a SORBA member who works long hours on trails in this area so thank him and the guys for doing a fine job on this one. The shop is located in the shopping plaza behind the Burger King where I told you to turn left on HWY 282. After warming up on Adamahy consider driving a few miles east on 282 and do the more challenging and longer Ridgeway Trail. I believe it''s called Carter''s Lake on this site.
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Was just looking to get in some mileage and enjoy the scenery and a new trail as well. This trail is a 3.7 mile loop and not technical at all. Great trail for young riders who would like to learn to mountian bike as well as appreciate the outdoors. Trail is a loop that skirts Carter's Lake at the Woodring Section. My first lap I went clockwise which started with a good downhill ride crossing over a couple of man-made bridges and a small stream which might be considered a ditch when there has been no rain. This area is fairly open. After the this the trail goes back and forth between single track and a dirt road wide enough for two riders to pass in different directions. If you want to add some challenge instead of turning right at the marker a little more than halfway go straigt and make a loop around the campground. There will be a steep upgrade to go up to get there and a steep upgrade coming back. I loved this trail. I rode three laps and will definitely do it again
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3.7 Miles
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July 2, 2008

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Reviewed by: mpvanger ,  Weekend Warrior

Rode the Amadahy trail Memorial Day long weekend. The trailhead is very easy to find, and it's impossible to get lost on the trail. Wide hardpack on rolling terrain. You never have to climb for more than a minute or so, but it's never flat. Follows the shoreline of the lake for most of the trail. Fun trail for an easy ride. Not a destination trail, but worth riding if you're in the area.

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Signage indicates clockwise loop

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Carter's Lake DH trails at the Ridgeway area on the lake are sweet.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)