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A.L. Burruss

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I went to this park for a quick ride between classes. I pulled in the parking lot and there where 3 cars. 2 next to each other in one corner and 1 in the adjacent corner. The 2 cars next to each other had people in both. I parked on the other side of the parking lot. I got out of my truck and was putting my front wheel on my bike when one of the cars pulls around the gravel lot really slow with the windows down and nearly stops in front of me while staring. I glanced up and he slowly drove by and left the parking lot. The truck still has someone in it and i feel as if i'm being watched. I'm getting kind of creeped out at this point. I'm finishing checking everything out on my bike when a creepy old man walks out of the woods with no pants on...he is slowly walking across the parking lot with only a white t-shirt on that drapes down just past his "area". At this point I don't really feel like sticking around to see what other supprises this park has for me. I high tail it out of the gravel lot...I go back to school and research the park a little. Come to find out, it is a popular "cruising" spot for gay males. Just a warning...DO NOT ride at A.L. Burruss park if you see sketchy cars, etc.
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May 5, 2011

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Reviewed by: tcofer ,  Cross Country Rider

funny story.....I work here at Dobbins Air Force base and the park is right next to it. That being said I saw online that you can ride bikes on the trails so I went the other day for a quick 30-45 min ride during my lunch break to get out of the office. All in all the trail is not bad at all for beginning riders and its very flat..... Almost a better running trail and it leads to the life university campus. When I was done with the ride I pulled out into the lot where my truck was parked and a Marietta police officer in plain clothes approached me and asked if I saw any people in the woods because people come here to meet and do disgusting things. It Looked like they had a couple of plain clothes police officers waiting to do a sting on people coming to the lot to hook up. I asked if it was a safe place and he said no one has been robbed out here its just the creeps still come every once in a while. That being said Ill never go back. My advice would be to just start at the life university campus and ride the trails they have there. I wouldnt expect a whole lot there though if you are an avid biker. If you work close by the trail and want to get outside for an easy ride bring your bike.........just park at Life U

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)