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East Everglades Levee Trail

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This is probably the most beautiful trail in South Florida. You will see more wildlife that any other trail in all of Florida. You will see alligators, many types of birds, snakes, and turtles; you may see deer, bear, and occasional riders. The trail runs over the tops of the levees that control the water flow of the Everglades. In addition, while the top of levee trail is flat, sandy and rocky, they are many cutting on and off the main trail.

The trails are maintained by South Florida Water Management and are entirely within County and National parks. There are several trailhead entrances in Everglades Holiday Park, along Krome Avenue, and Tamiami Trail (US41). The trail traverses many Everglades habitats and the Tamiami segment and the Everglades Holiday Park trailheads have camping facilities. There are also many drops and rocky areas along the trail for technical riders. The trail can be done as a 60-mile loop or in segments. There are many bypasses that will be included on a map to be produced later but be careful, get a map of the levee or study Google Earth many of the side levee do not cross canals and you my take a ten mile short cut and find that you must either go back or swim with the gators and snapping turtles to go across. All canals are too deep to ford on bike.

This trail is slated to be filled and made inaccessible in a few years as part of the Everglades Restoration project. Try it now because they only way some of these areas will be accessible in the future will be by airboat.

There is water all around you but it must be purified. Potable water is available on the Everglades Holiday Park Trailheads and Tamiami segment at the camp. The trail is most comfortable to ride from December thru April (temperatures in the 70-80 degree range). Summer is demanding for the rain, high temperatures in the 90s and bugs. The trail is challenging all year round for technical and advanced riders. Any of the accessible segments can be done in a few hours.

To get to the park, coming from the north or the south, take I-95 or the Florida Turnpike to I-595 west. Head west on I-595 to I-75 south. Continue south on I-75 to Griffin Road west (exit 13B). Head west on Griffin Road until it crosses over Route 27. This is where Griffin Road dead ends at the entrance to Everglades Holiday Park!

If you are coming from the north, you might consider using the Sawgrass Expressway (869) to drive south instead of I-95 or the Turnpike. Since the Sawgrass is farther west, you will head directly into I-75 and therefore take a more direct route to the park.

Secure free parking is available behind the main building.
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June 15, 2009

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 5 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: FloridaBob ,  Weekend Warrior

This is one of the very best in Florida but there is no shade! You see things you see now where else. As far as riding: there is some xcountry but there is really radical bumps, hills and rocky sand at the south end near the ramps.

Recommended Route:
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East Everglades Levee Trail Southwest Ranches, FL Western Route
WayPoint Lat Long Route Distance Segment Distance
East Everglades Levee Trailhead - Western Route 26° 3'35.65"N 80°26'47.31"W 0
Southwest Bend 26° 2'48.75"N 80°28'58.98"W 2.44 2.44
Southbend 25°47'37.11"N 80°40'25.37"W 23.51 21.07
The Ramps 25°46'2.90"N 80°40'24.88"W 25.31 1.8
Tamiami West Trailhead 25°45'43.70"N 80°40'25.96"W 25.68 0.37
Tamiami East Trailhead 25°45'41.61"N 80°30'8.62"W 36.37 10.69
Miccosukee Casino Bend 25°45'42.15"N 80°29'54.60"W 36.6 0.23
Krome Ave Bend 25°46'30.91"N 80°29'0.77"W 37.9 1.3
ValueJet Bend 25°46'57.92"N 80°28'58.29"W 38.44 0.54
North-Northest Bend 25°47'51.04"N 80°29'2.71"W 39.46 1.02
North Bend 25°48'43.18"N 80°29'0.72"W 40.45 0.99
Northeast Bend 25°53'30.60"N 80°29'10.04"W 45.95 5.5
Airboat Central 25°56'29.13"N 80°26'28.80"W 50.35 4.4
Homefree Run 25°56'34.60"N 80°26'24.92"W 50.5 0.15
East Everglades Levee Trailhead - Southern Route 26° 3'31.90"N 80°26'36.48"W 58.47 7.97

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)