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Freja Park

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if you are looking for a wide veriety of trial types this is not the place to go. The tails are mostly single track. with a few areas of double track. There are lots of technical uphills with steep rock faces, step ups, plenty of roots to get stuck on, trees to jump over and boalders to ride up over or down off. great trails with steep uphill climbs but rewarding doawnhill areas. Don't be diseved by the number of trails there are because when you think you have ridden them all new ones allways appear. wether you want to go for a nice 5 mile ride or for the long 20 to 30 mile ride i garente you will not have to hit the same trail twice. watch out for hicker once in a while you will see them but only on the main trails near the railroad tracks. if you are looking for areas were you can get great amounts of air they are here. or if you are looking to sharpen your downhill skills i'v been down some trails that will make the hairs on your ass stand up. One great advantege is that unlike case mountain this area is not crowded and you are free to fly as fast as you can.
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Trail Directions
go to valley falls.
Trail Length
many miles i have ridden in one ride over 30 miles not hitting the same trail twice.
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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Review Date
November 2, 2000

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: modive , from bolton

this trail is only one of many that i take. it is mostly uphill at first and it consistes of rocky terrain some loose and some not with roots and mud pudles. do not be diseved by there depth of the puddle i went to go through one and my went all the way up to my crank and stoped me in my tracks. when i fell over all my budies laughed because i was totally covered in mud. be carefull and get alot of speed up before going though one you never know how deep they could be. than after about a good 6 mile uphill hike you get to ride down for about another 8 miles fast downhill and step and tecnical. on the downhill area follow the blue trail signs and you will not regreat it.

Recommended Route:
start down in back on Three J's bar located just before the bolton town line. from there follow the tail until you come to a wide open wooded area were it looks like partys are held. to your left there should be a hill. you will know when you come to the end of that part of the trail because there is a section where if you chose you can ride on a tree with some wooden plates nailed into it. from there take the next available left up the hill and follow that trail up and stay to the right at first until you come upon an open area than head left and stay left the rest of the way.

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tnert000 (05/08/2015)
Is there an address for this trail head?
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)