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The Notch

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Extreme freeriding, shore stunts and lots of natural rock drops. Great area for freeriding and drops, not for xc riding.
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Trail Directions
Take Rt. 384 East to exit 5, at the end of the exit ramp take a left, go back over Rt,384 and then take your first right onto William rd. at the end of Williams road take a rt., go about 1/2 a mile, just past "The Fortress" the road splits, you take a left across the median divider and into a comuter parking lot, park there and enter thru the trail head, go thru the Old Bolton Drive In and stay left you will see trails.
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Review Date
December 7, 2001

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Freerider , from CT

Wicked fun stuff, very North Shore like, with lots of bridges and teeters, and stump jumps, as well as a lot of natural rock drops. must of the stuff is 3-6 foot drops there are a few 8+ drops but you have to know where to look. Great fun, but also very extreme, not for the casual weekend rider or xc rider, this place is more for the extreme freeriders and downhillers. It is more of a go and explore and play than an actual ride, so anyone with the ability and interest should definately check this place out it is wicked fun if you like drops and stunts.

Recommended Route:
Once you get behind the Old Drive in, just begin to explore, most of the fun stuff and stunts are up from just behind the drive in, it is a short steep climb, but well worth it, there are lots of really fun stunts and natural drops everything from 2-8 foot drops all over you just have to explore. Also look for bridges and teeter-tooters they are there.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)