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Metacome Ridge Trail

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Its very nice if you find the right trail. Dont sway off the trail, or you'll miss good sections or take yourself into areas where you dont want to get caught without more than 5" of travel.
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Trail Directions
Go east on Meriden Wtby. road until you're almost in Meriden. You will see on the left hand side a trail that has a chain link fence gate on it to prevent atvs from going up it. Go over the fence, or the boulders and begin to pedal up the trail. Get to the Radio Towers by any of your own means(there are tens of trails) Begin to head north on a trail which looks like it goes down. this trail will take you through gravel double track to twisty single track. Loads of Fun. I Recommend this trail to any one who is very good at biking and doesnt mind getting off to walk a couple of times. If you want directions to awesome trails, email me and ill send you topo maps of the area with trails marked on it.
Trail Length
5 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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