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Fenton River

Average Rating:    (3.5 of 5)

No. of Reviews: 2

Fast, wet single track.
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Trail Directions
From Uconn campus, go down Gurleyville Rd to bridge crossing Fenton River. Park in dirt lot next to bridge and ride blue trail to mansfield hollow.
Trail Length
3.5 miles to Hollow
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
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Review Date
December 17, 2002

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a month

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Reviewed by: Vin , from Storrs, CT, US

A better ride is to start out in the Horsebarn Hill parking lot, and go to the road directly across from the north entrance of the lot. You'll approach tens of thousands of cubic feet of horse crap. Go by that and you will be on the old Uconn Ski Slope. The trail forks, go left for steeper grass, right for less steep rocks. at the bottom you are connected to the same trails. My favorite way at the bottom is to wrap around back to the left, then drop into the blue trail at the sandpits.

Recommended Route:
I wouldn't go this way, it is kind of crappy.

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Review Date
February 24, 2002

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Every few months

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Reviewed by: jacob , from Storrs, CT, USA

this is a very fast trail and i enjoy it. i would recomend this trail to any one neer the area. its not a trail to go out of your way for though

Recommended Route:
i would recomend the route that was already said

Other recommended trails in the same area:
nipmuck, most of the school house trails

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)