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Dennison Pequotespos Nature Trail

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So the actual "official" marked trails are not very long at all but the offshoots and twists and turns and unmarked trails are too numerous to mention. . . all singletrack. . . lots of technical sections (small wood bridges, tumbled rock walls, small rock gardens etc) to ride through, streams to cross, a small quarry begging you to fall in, and some oddly abandoned cars (if you see the old pickup try to figure out how they got it where it is and let me know if you figure it out. . . ) . The trails sit on 125 acres of land.
Don't come here expecting to spend the day riding around. You're looking for a quick ride? Perhaps to work on the techincal riding skills? Looking to kill some time? This is a nice little spot to spend some time.

The easiest spot to drop in - there is a small gravel parking lot off Coogan Blvd (road the Mystic Aquarium is on)and Maritime Drive - look for the trail sign and off you go. This lot is about a whole 3 minutes off of Rt 95.
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