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Walrod Gulch (Falcon Back Version)

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Trail Directions
Cement ck area
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Trail Level
Trail Type
Crested Butte

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September 2, 2002

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Reviewed by: isaac , from boulder

I recently road this trail with my girlfriend. We both experienced riders and love other CB rides such as 401, Dyke, Deer Creek, Strand, Etc. So when I read about this ride in the Falcon guides CB version by Bob D'antonio (which otherwise is excellent and adventerous) and he described it as on of his "favorites" in the cement ck area I thought right on - WRONGO. Basically motorcyles have trashed the living hell out of the descent as descibed and the trail has been obviously recently rerouted which ruins a lot of the downhill which you really need at that time to boost you spirits after a tough climb. This was one of the longest 10 miles of my riding life. The switchbacks at the end of the trail description which mitch be fun in you had momentum are not. You just want to see the car and a cold beer by that point. My buddies and I have a running joke about biking with our girlfriends on rides like this - "breakup" rides. I was in the doghouse for sometime after this one. The only good pt was that the uphill as described in the book would make a super downhill - it's 20x smoother than the described downhill. Would be worth creating a loop coming from the opposite direction and just pushing the rocky bit to the summit.
Anyway that's my rant for now - just don't want folks to waste a precious afternoon in CB the way we did!!

Recommended Route:
avoid this trail - lots of other nearby stuff to ride

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)