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Vail Mtn Access Road

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Climb the access road known as Mill Creek Road for about 4 miles and 1000 vertical feet. At this point you'll have the option of continuing up the trail or bearing right down towards chair 10. Go down to chair 10 and then beginning climbing the access road. In about 1.2 miles you will be at Mid-vail and you'll notice several chairlifts and a large building (Mid-Vail). Continue to the west until you reach Eagles Nest or the top of the gondola. The climb is about 2000 vertical and 7 miles one way. After you've reached the top you have the option of riding Kloser's climb, The Grand Traverse, Materhorn or whatever else. Of course you could pay to the ride the gondola up and miss that wonderful 7 mile climb, but that wouldn't be right!
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Trail Directions
Start at the base of Vail Mtn in the village.
Trail Length
7 mile climb or high mileage epic you decide
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Fire Roads

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